Baby Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink Stripe

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Our Winter Baby Buggy Bags with Sleeves and Legs are padded and have a tog rating of 3.0 tog. The long sleeve padded sleeping bag is best used in colder climates where the temperature falls below 16 C. Long sleeve, lightweight grosuit or pyjama set.

3.0 tog buggy bag is perfect for travelling between the car, buggy and home
Gone are the days of fussy threading of straps through your baby's garments
Keep your baby warm and cosy while car seat straps and buggy straps are fastened around them
Extra wide legs allow clothing to be worn underneath without restricting movement
Front zip with zip covers at both ends
Fabric : Jersey Cotton

Tog is the European warmth rating of bedding such as quilts and blankets. They are used in children s sleeping bags to guide parents in purchasing the correct weight sleeping bag for each season.

The ideal temperature for your babies bedroom is approximately 18 C. Always check that your baby is not too hot or cold.


Front zip with zip covers at both ends
Fabric : 100% Cotton Outer and Lining
Fill: Hypo-allergenic polyester

Length of Buggy Bag from the highest point to the bottom of the bag.

0 69cm
1 76cm
2 83cm
3 91cm
4 98cm
5 106cm
6 114cm

An absolute staple for every winter!

By: on 4 June 2016
These are warm and at the same time, soft and comfortable. On very cold nights I still put a singlet and long sleeved spencer underneath and they keep my angel toasty warm!

A must for every baby!!!

By: on 11 November 2013
I have just purchased my 19 month old her second uh-oh! bag and one for a friends baby for christmas. I bought the first when she was 7 months old in sydney to take back to the UK where we live and she slept in it basically every night for 10 months. i hated the days where we had to wash it as i knew she wouldnt have it on that night and wouldnt sleep as well. If the nights were a bit warmer i would dress her in less clothes so that she could still keep her sleep suit on because it is so ridiculously soft and comfy. If i go out at night i always take her pj's and her sleeping suit as i can click her into her car seat with ease and know that i can get her out at the end of the trip and straight into her cot without the hassle of having to put a regular bag on her. The first lasted a lot longer then i thought as the sizes are bigger so i have just purchased a new one (size 2) for my 19th month old as it has plenty of space for her to get a good years wear out of it. The quality is second to none so this is totally worth the investment. Pros - amazing quality - washes amazing - long lasting and plenty of growing room - super soft and super comfy - easy to get on and off - easy to roll up to put in your nappy bag - amazing for traveling, you can do their seat belts up - baby can still crawl and walk in them - baby doesnt get twisted in it while asleep - Super SIDS friendly!!! - FREE SHIPPING!!! Cons - i honestly cant think of any!!! Buy 2 so that when you are washing one you have a spare as they can take a little while to dry if you dont have a dryer and live in a colder climate!

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Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink -  Size 0

Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink - Size 0

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Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink - Size 1

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Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink -  Size 2

Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink - Size 2

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Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink - Size 3

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Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink -  Size 4

Buggy Bag 3.0 tog Pink - Size 4

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