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Often people try to change the way they look. It might be a new hair-style or trying to grow big muscles at the gym. But there's one part of your body that can also change shape depending on fashion. It's your feet. Experts are worried that kids cramming their toes into the wrong kind of footwear could lead to some big problems for their feet.

NATASHA THIELE, REPORTER: Choosing which shoe is right for you should take a bit more time and thought than this. But while we spend hours in shoe shops stressing over which shoes look the best, we spend far less time thinking about which ones are best for our feet.

Anna is a podiatrist, a ...

Author: Jo Studholme   Date Posted: 15 January 2017  


Date Posted: 12 January 2017  

Children's shoes are perhaps more important than they are for adults because young kids are still growing, developing, and slightly lacking in coordination. The shoes can protect them by minimizing slippage and providing padding against repeated jumping, running, or stomping. There are numerous factors involved when it comes to shopping for and selecting kids' shoes. It is not just a matter of going to the store or online and letting a child pick out the ones that they think look the coolest.

This guide will discuss 9 things to consider or do before purchasing any shoes. These steps will help parents find and select footwear that will promote safety and healthy development in th...

Author: The Australian Podiatry Association   Date Posted: 10 January 2017  

Development of Children's Feet

Children's feet differ from those of adults, as they are not yet fully formed. At 6 months of age the foot is still mostly cartilage, in fact the last bone doesn't begin until children are about 3 years old. By the time we turn 18 the bones have fully matured.


Babies feet only need protection in the cooler weather. Play suits with feet, socks or even natural fibre shoes can be used to keep little feet warm, they should always be loose around your babies feet. Allowing time for your baby to kick freely will help ensur...

Date Posted: 6 January 2017  

Tips & Advice for Choosing the Right Shoes for Children Here are some tips that will help you be certain that your children's shoes fit properly, and remove some of the nightmare elements of shopping for kids' shoes.

Here are some tips that will help you be certain that your children's shoes fit properly, and remove some of the nightmare elements of shopping for kids' shoes.

When to Buy New Shoes for Your Child

Unless yo...

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Keeping your baby cosy at night can be an ongoing challenge during the cooler months, and it can be hard to get them to stay under their covers. Sleeping bags are a great alternative to sheets, blankets and doonas, but choosing the right one is important. Just some of the questions you should ask include:

  • Does it have a TOG rating? 
  • What...

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Pay in 4 Easy Payments with afterpay

How does afterpay work?

SKEANIE & uh-oh! and afterpay have teamed up to provide interest-free installment payments with no additional fees.

afterpay offers Australian customers the ability to pay in four equal payments over 60 days. All you need is a debit or credit card for instant approval.

Minimum order value of $50 and maximum order value of $1,000

Flexible Payment Options

The credit or debit card you provide will be automatically ch...

Author: Export Council of Australia   Date Posted: 1 October 2015  

The Export Council of Australia would like to congratulate the finalists announced for the 2015 Premier of NSW’s Export Awards. With a wide range of exporters competing from across the state the 85 finalists announced today by the Export Council of Australia (ECA) were selected from the largest pool of applicants in the 53-year history of the awards.

Chief Executive Officer for the Export Council of Australia said "the competition is extremely tough and we wanted to make sure all finalists were recognised for their tremendous efforts.”


Author: Natasha Barber   Date Posted: 25 September 2015  

Myths and false information abound about children's shoes, and the footwear industry and even some pediatricians are not much help. The good news is once you understand what makes children's feet unique, finding the right shoes-often inexpensively-for kids is easy.

At birth, the newborn's foot is soft and flexible, and is loaded with fat. That fat cushions and protects our feet, but when we start to walk, the fat begins to disintegrate. In the coming decades, due to everyday walking-not to mention, perhaps tight fitting shoes-that fat will wear away allowing our foot...

Author: Natasha Barber   Date Posted: 23 September 2015  

It’s been ten years since our children’s shoe company SKEANIE was born and the time has just flown. 

From small beginnings and a small amount of savings invested, we have now grown into a successful Australian business. This is something of which we are very proud of and it’s taken a great deal of work – success does take dedication and many late nights, but when it happens it is incredibly satisfying! 

What I love most is when we get feedback and stories from our customers about their families and how they are using our products – particularly the shoes. Comments like: “These shoes [infant SNUGs] were perfect for my 10 month old in the cold winter months las...

Author: Natasha Barber   Date Posted: 9 September 2015  

Founder of SKEANIE, Natasha Barber (40) from Southern Highlands, NSW is helping improve children’s motor skill development one step at a time. Boasting a hybrid entrepreneurial skill-set: strong academic accomplishments, business acumen and impressive leadership skills, Natasha has become an entrepreneurial figure and thought-leader in the fashion world, having launched SKEANIE- a range of light-weight shoes which set to transition little feet to the next stage.
After completing a Diploma of Financial Service at Deakin University, Natasha enjoyed a solid managerial career running her own IT/ Project Management; a career that helped to cultivate strateg...

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A babies foot is a very precious thing. They are a very different shape to an adults and ever so soft. They need to be cared for in the best possible way, and studies have shown that walking barefoot is the best thing for their development. Of course this is not always practical. Dylan is starting to try and pull himself up, and loves standing holding onto my hands. It won't be long until he is off and when we are outside I need to protect his little feet. SKEANIE baby shoes are leather with a suede sole, meaning they allow your child to walk naturally, as if they were barefoot whilst protecting them at the same time.

The Australian brand have an eco-approach to making shoes and...

Author: Natasha Barber   Date Posted: 3 September 2015  

I've recently signed up for the Melbourne Coastrek and will be trekking 55km on Friday 20th November to restore sight to the needlessly blind.

Our team is called Retail Therapy and consists of myself, Rachel Arnott, Ange Greig and Caroline Walters.

Together we'll be taking on this challenge to raise funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation to support their work to end avoidable blindness.

Because right now, 4 out of 5 people who are blind don't need to be.

This means millions of people acro...

Author: Fred Hollows Foundation   Date Posted: 3 September 2015  

Fred's StoryToday marks the anniversary of The Fred Hollows Foundation.

It was on this day in 1992 that we started our work to restore sight to the needlessly blind.

To celebrate this special day, we want to share Fred's amazing story with you to show you how your trek will con...

Author: Natasha Barber   Date Posted: 25 May 2015  

Foot Development
At birth the bones in the foot are mostly cartilage, the last bone doesn’t begin to form until children are about 3 years old. By 18 years of age, most of the bones are fully formed. Children’s feet are soft and pliable making them prone to damage from abnormal pressure, such as shoes which are too small or ill-fittin...

Author: Marion Gerritsen   Date Posted: 7 May 2015  

Just in time for Mother’s Day, mums will love this recently launched Australian designed hybrid sleeping and buggy bag from uh-oh!, which allows a baby to sleep anywhere, anytime.

uh-oh! founder Natasha Barber says the practicality and functionality of the bag makes the transition from cot to car really easy and comfortable.

“The sleeping and buggy bag keeps the baby enclosed and comfy whilst sleeping, and then free to ‘kick around’ in their bugg...

Author: SKEANIE Customer Service   Date Posted: 4 February 2015  


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After an active day of play and discovery it is a relief when Baby goes down to sleep with ease. To make the transition to bed as simple as possible, we follow the same steps of bath, story, cuddles, sleeping bag and bed each night. So far, Baby has been easy to settle and I believe our uh-oh! sleeping bag is helping make bed time zippy in our household.

With summer upon us, Baby...

Author: ReviewZoo   Date Posted: 7 November 2014  

The beach is calling! Get ready for sandy feet, salty skin and thoroughly water-logged kiddies. SKEANIE and uh-oh! beach essentials for 2014 are not only adorable and of exceptional quality, but highly practical – and we parents are all about practicality!

When it comes to comfort, style and quality, SKEANIE shoes are impossible to overlook. It is a brand that understands the importance of feet development, designing beautiful footwear for kids that allows feet to grow they way they need to and without restrictions. Using soft leather and ensuring shoes promote flexibility and are light-weigh...

Author: Abby Stevens   Date Posted: 8 October 2014  

Sunny Coast Kids were asked to review a pair of SKEANIE Children’s sandals – we chose the ‘coast leather sandals’ in fuchsia colour.

Firstly, I was surprised by the softness and quality of the leather…. The leather was really, really, really soft!! They looked super comfy on and Miss 4 didn’t try and adjust them or fuss with them. This is definitely a first, because if there is any opportunity to take her shoes off, she will appear barefoot in the blink of an eye (as opposed to the 10 m...

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