Keep Your Baby Warm this Winter with the 3.0 Tog Buggy Bag from uh-oh!

Author:   Date Posted:10 June 2016 

Keeping your baby cosy at night can be an ongoing challenge during the cooler months, and it can be hard to get them to stay under their covers. Sleeping bags are a great alternative to sheets, blankets and doonas, but choosing the right one is important. Just some of the questions you should ask include:

  • Does it have a TOG rating? 
  • What is it made of? 
  • Does it fit your baby snugly? 
  • Is it good quality? 

The range of 3.0 TOG Buggy Bags from Uh-Oh Sleeping bags feature padded sleeves and legs  - making them suitable for temperatures below 16 degrees (celsius). 

Also being more of a jumpsuit than a sleeping bag means that it is perfect for use in the car or pram, as well as at home (and even easier to transfer baby in-between on cold winter nights). They are made of an ultra soft jersey cotton and are gorgeous to touch and cuddly and cosy for your little one. 

There is plenty of room in the Buggy Bags so normal clothing can be worn underneath easily. The bag then zips up with a stud fastener at the top making it harder for your child to pull off by themselves. Plus they have non-slip feet for babies that are on the move. The Buggy Bags aren't just for babies either, the sizes range from a 0 right through to a size 4. 

Investing in a good quality sleeping bag will help see you through the coldest winter nights, and we all know that when you baby is snug and warm, they sleep better. 

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Some important information about TOG ratings: 

Tog is the European warmth rating of bedding such as quilts and blankets. They are used in children's sleeping bags to guide parents in purchasing the correct weight sleeping bag for each season.

The ideal temperature for your babies bedroom is approximately 18 degrees (celsius). Your Buggy Bag will come with a temperature guide to help you chose the correct TOG sleeping bag for your child, as well as the recommended clothing to wear underneath the sleeping bag. Always check your child to ensure they are not too hot or too cold. 

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