Benefits of Flexible Soles for Children

Date Posted:28 February 2019 

Once your kid starts walking, they would prefer not to be carried wherever you go. Be it the shopping centre, the park or a more formal setting, your little one will look for the opportunity to practice walking. Luckily, SKEANIE shoes have variants and sizes for every occasion and activity. Every model is fitted with flexible soles to adapt to any stresses and changes caused by pressure from prolonged standing or running.

If you want optimal development for your kid’s feet, take note of the factors that affect their health. Flexible soles react and conform to the movement of children’s feet. You may not be aware of it, but the soles of kid’s feet are actually made of fat, thus making them appear flat. If the shoe is not flexible, the muscles and joints will not develop fully and the shoes can cause irregularities in the growth of your child’s feet.

When buying your child’s shoes, be sure to go with brands such as SKEANIE that value the quality and safety of its products. From SNUG boots to leather shoes, each model features durable soles that adjust when force is applied. In theory, walking or running while wearing footwear should be like being barefoot and having no shoes at all. SKEANIE shoes give you your money’s worth, while at the same time support the standards of foot health.

The staff at SKEANIE have been trained to properly measure the size of children’s feet. The ideal fit is around 15mm of clearance at the toes. Combined with flexible soles, the snug fit will ensure that your child feels the comfort and ease of shoes with high standards. Give your child’s feet the best, give them SKEANIE’s.

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