Children’s Foot Health: An Important Message From Tracy

Author: Tracy Byrne   Date Posted:17 March 2019 

Tracy Byrne

Around 70 per cent of adult foot problems come from wearing the wrong type or size of footwear during childhood.

In my years of practising as a Podiatrist, I‘ve seen so many chronic foot-related problems that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, children today are headed for the same problems, as recent studies undertaken across Europe reveal that 70 per cent of children are wearing shoes too small. As a mother of two young daughters and a Podo-Paediatric Specialist (Infant Foot Specialist), I am passionate about improving our childrens’ foot health by sharing my knowledge with the local community.

There are two important issues currently affecting the foot development of our children:
1) The type of shoes children wear – rigid, hard soled shoes don’t allow for the natural development and strengthening of ankle and feet muscles. Despite all the latest scientific research pointing towards the ‘barefoot’ model of shoe being much more beneficial for children, this remains a little known fact among parents
2) Sizing of shoes – Research shows wearing shoes of insufficient length during childhood leads to deformities of the foot, particularly the development of bunions.

Looking after your kids’ feet from day one will help prevent foot -related problems for the rest of their lives, including back pain, postural and gait issues, and ability to do sports.

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