REVIEW: SKEANIE Shoes for Kids

Author: I'm Counting UFOs   Date Posted:16 February 2019 

Looking after my children’s feet has always been important to me.  Their little feet are so soft andpliable when they are young, with the last bones not forming until approximately three years of age, so it’s vital you look after the things that are going to carry you around for your whole life.

So when we were approached by SKEANIE to ask if we’d like to try out a pair of their eco-leather, soft soled shoes, we jumped at the chance.

The soles on the SKEANIE shoes are incredibly thin, which helps develop balance, flexibility and foot strength, they are nice and wide at the front, so no little toes get squished.  This allows for plenty of wiggle room, again, important for the growth of healthy feet.

SKEANIE shoes are also made from eco-leather, which certainly appealed to the green, earth mother side of me.  We chose the Sneakies, in blue and white, for Elliot, who just so happened to need a new pair of shoes.

My first impressions were good; smart looking, well made shoes.  Wonderfully soft leather and suede, the thin sole, so flexible, you can easily bend the shoe back on itself.  I could tell right away that Elliot was going to have no problem scrambling about in these shoes.  Plenty of room for him to wiggle and flex his toes.

He’s been wearing them pretty much every day for about three weeks and so far, so very very good.  I’ve been checking his feet for signs of discomfort or rubbing, but these shoes fit him perfectly and we have had no problems at all.  In fact, if anything, he’s picked up speed and is now close to being able to run, though, that could well just be a happy coincidence.

Would I buy SKEANIEs again? For my son, yes.  They are quite wide fitting, and I am not sure they would be great for children with especially narrow feet – think anything narrower than a standard Clarks E – F fitting, but otherwise I cannot fault these shoes. Practical, comfortable and made with the softest eco-leather.  My kid’s feet are shod better than my own!  Lucky little tyke!

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