SKEANIE Coast Leather Sandals Review

Author: Abby Stevens   Date Posted:24 March 2019 

'SKEANIE Coast Leather Sandals are hand made from durable leather. These shoes feature luxurious leather uppers and lining with a flexible rubber sole. All SKEANIE Shoes are designed in Australia and are Fair Trade Made ‘.

Sunny Coast Kids were asked to review a pair of SKEANIE Children’s sandals – we chose the ‘coast leather sandals’ in fuchsia colour.

Firstly, I was surprised by the softness and quality of the leather…. The leather was really, really, really soft!! They looked super comfy on and Miss 4 didn’t try and adjust them or fuss with them. This is definitely a first, because if there is any opportunity to take her shoes off, she will appear barefoot in the blink of an eye (as opposed to the 10 minutes it had taken to get them on!!) I get very frustrated with shoes, more often than not I end up carrying them! I was surprised when she kept these sandals on. I think the softness and flexibility of the sole gave her more freedom to run around and play…… more of a natural movement.

I can tell why they are recommended by podiatrists, they fitted nicely and would easily support her growing little feet. I loved the fact that they had a leather upper and leather lining, they looked much more cushioned and comfortable than the synthetic alternatives.

The shoe design was bright, colourful and modern and the sole of the shoe had plenty of grip. The coast leather sandal range retails for $49.95 and is available in sizes that would suit a child from 2-10 years of age.

There are plenty of other gorgeous styles and colours available. To view the entire range and to purchase yours today, head over to the ‘SKEANIE Shoes for Kids‘ website now.

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