SKEANIE Junior Loafers Review

Author: Nursery Trader UK   Date Posted:17 January 2019 

Review by Nursery Trader

From the time your little ones start cruising around the furniture, shoes are something that are purchased on a regular basis, finding a pair that are comfortable and stylish whilst looking after their feet can sometimes prove difficult. Take a look at what SKEANIE shoes can offer your child's tootsies. "extremely soft, easy for little ones to put on themselves, flexible soles can be expensive if your child's feet grow quickly"
Our score = 4.5 stars

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SKEANIE is a company that started out down under in Australia, founded by mum of two, Natasha Barber. Endorsed by podiatrists and experts around the world, their shoe designs are backed by years of evidence based research. Producing shoes for both infants and juniors, which are all fair trade, SKEANIE provide protection and flexibility, both needed for good foot development. Find out more in our SKEANIE Junior Loafers Review,

What do you get? 1 pair of SKEANIE Junior Loafers.
Price - The RRP of the loafers is £39.99
Colour - Pink, Cream or Navy.
SKEANIE always have style and practicality in mind, producing beautiful shoes, sandals and boots for your children which would be great for jumping, running and the all important exploring.  With their infant range starting from 6-12 months and their Junior range starting from a UK size 4, there is a shoe to fit any little ones growing feet.

SKEANIE Loafer Material

Each shoe has an upper which is made from eco friendly leather, this is non toxic. We received the pink version of loafers and the pink is just right, not too bright. I love that these are available in cream and navy too, as they make a smart shoe for boys as well.
The material is extremely soft to touch! The inside is also lined with leather; which makes the shoe not only breathable but comfortable for each little foot - again soft, soft, soft. The stitching around the shoe is perfectly placed and really gives it that high quality finish. The bottom of the loafer is made from rubber which is lightweight and flexible, yet very durable. The added buckle on the loafer is a great finishing touch.

One thing I noticed was just how lightweight these shoes are, when they came in the post I honestly thought they had forgot to put them in the box. The weight of them makes it easier for younger children to walk around in them.

SKEANIE Loafer Features

Flex-Ease technology: This is an elasticated collar at the heel which allows for the shoe to be put on with ease, whether it is the parent putting the shoe on the child or the child putting the shoes on themselves. My 3 year old was able to put these shoes on by herself because the elasticated back allowed her to simply slide her feet in. Flexible rubber sole: This allows for sensory feedback as they feel the ground beneath their feet better, improving their balance and their foot and ankle strength. The sole also has ample tread, meaning you don't have to worry about your little ones slipping over whilst wearing these.
Wide at the toes: This mimics your infants foot, giving their toes room to grow, move and balance, all at the same time. I think this a really important feature because I find a lot of the shoes made for children these days are far too narrow.

SKEANIE Loafer - The Fit

Before you purchase a pair of SKEANIE shoes, it is advised that you print out their measuring guide to ensure that you get the correct size for your child, as these shoes do come up slightly smaller than most. I think all companies should offer this, as it means you get the correct size first time and it can be done in your own home rather than having to traipse round the shops! My daughter is normally a size 5 but with the Skeanie shoes she needed a size 6.
The fit varies slightly for each design of shoe but a rough guide is that there should be 12mm between the biggest toe and the end of the shoe to allow for comfort and growth. When the shoes arrived and we put them on they fit perfectly, just like Cinderella trying on that glass slipper -proof that the measuring guide really does work.

As mentioned in the features, the shoes are very simple to put on because of the elasticated collar at the back. There are no laces or Velcro to contend with on these loafers, just a case of sliding them on. Once I showed my 3 year old which shoe went on which foot, she managed to put them on with ease. With most of her shoes I need to help and there is always a bit of wriggling or stamping to get them on, but with these loafers there was none of that trouble. This makes them great for your growing child, especially the ones who really like to be independent and do things themselves.

The elasticated collar allows the shoes to stay on nicely too. Giving a nice fit on the heel, but because the leather is so soft, there is no rubbing meaning no sore feet in sight!  My daughter has worn these on a daily basis since we received them, they have been worn to playschool, out in the garden and just going for walks, I'm pleased to say the uppers still look brand new, no dirty marks or scuffs at all.

SKEANIE Junior Loafer Conclusion

Both my daughter and I love these shoes. My 3 year old adores them that much that I have struggled to persuade her to take them off at the end of the day. I would recommend them to anyone. The style of the shoe is just lovely, completing any outfit and the comfort they provide is truly amazing. The only real negative that I can find is the price. Now I'm not complaining because it really is true here, you get what you pay for, these shoes are made to the highest quality. However a lot of younger children have fast growing feet and £39.99 can be a lot to pay for something that may only get used for a couple of months.  

We give the SKEANIE Junior Loafers 4.5 out of 5 stars

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