SKEANIE Shoes for Kids - Where is all began.

Author: Natasha Barber   Date Posted:9 September 2015 

Founder of SKEANIE, Natasha Barber (40) from Southern Highlands, NSW is helping improve children’s motor skill development one step at a time. Boasting a hybrid entrepreneurial skill-set: strong academic accomplishments, business acumen and impressive leadership skills, Natasha has become an entrepreneurial figure and thought-leader in the fashion world, having launched SKEANIE- a range of light-weight shoes which set to transition little feet to the next stage.
After completing a Diploma of Financial Service at Deakin University, Natasha enjoyed a solid managerial career running her own IT/ Project Management; a career that helped to cultivate strategy-innovation.  Having returned home from her holidays in Denmark, she bid farewell to her high-profile corporate position and took the first step to develop a new line of soft-soled shoes for children. ‘I couldn’t find a replacement pair of soft-soled shoes for the same price and quality in Australia and started to work on a leather and flexible rubber sole to protect the shoe and the foot,’ she says. A staunch supporter of innovation and ready to push boundaries, SKEANIE’s footprints made an imprint in the marketplace, and now sells to over 160 stories in Australia and abroad including: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Singapore and the United States. What’s more, the collection has also been awarded The Seal of Acceptance by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for the promotion of healthy foot development.
Natasha’ integrated voice across all departmental divisions ensure operations, budgets, marketing, sales and strategy are fully serviced to run smoothly.  ‘To be a successful business owner you need to be courteous but also conscious of employees and have a long term vision,’ she says. Loyal to her craft and the people who have helped chisel her career, she still works with the manufacturers she engaged in China. ‘I have so much respect for those who helped me debut into Australia. I left success to fate, sent over funds and didn’t even request a sample of the first collection. And yet, they were delivered on time, to perfection. I value good ethics in business’ she says.
A multi-layered professional who is revolutionising motor-skill development for little ones, Natasha’s vision has enabled her to join the cavalcade of inspirational Australian business women who are making a change- one step at a time. With a life filled with the children, giggles, education and development, Natasha is certainly a step ahead of the rest.

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