SKEANIE Pre-walker Lady Jane shoes are hand made from buttery soft leather. These shoes are made of genuine leather and feature a hook and loop closure with an elasticised ankle collar to keep the shoes fitted snugly.  The size Small has a textured suede sole to for suppleness and grip and the size Medium and Large feature a split rubber sole for flexibility and endurance. These shoes feature removable insoles, perfect for cleaning or orthotics.
SIZING - please refer to our SKEANIE Shoe Sizing Chart to ensure you purchase the correct size.
Small - Leather Upper, leather lining and suede sole.
Medium - Leather upper, leather lining and suede & rubber sole.
Large - Leather upper, leather lining and suede & rubber sole.
We recommend that you spray your SKEANIE footwear with a Shucare Water and Stain Repellent prior to wear. The best way to keep your SKEANIE footwear looking bright and new is to simply wipe over with a clean damp cloth or leather wipe. Applying Shucare Leather Conditioner and Renovating Polish will assist with maintaining their softness and colour. SKEANIE footwear should never be placed in the washing machine or dryer.
Our Pre-Walkers have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). All SKEANIE Shoes are designed in Australia and are Fair Trade Made. SKEANIE is an Associate Partner of The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW). Colours may vary slightly.


21 August 2018
Dear SKEANIE - my name is AURELIA ROSE, I am 14 months old, I am a jet set type of baby, who just wants to get everything 'done and dusted' in 30seconds flat!!! My Nanna, Janet, decided that only the best would do for me (naturally DAHHLING) so she set about on a mission to find the right shoes for me.....we tried overseas, those fell off after two steps, department stores in Australia, (my dear how could you BE so ordinary!!! Those things were so hard I could have squashed a tortoise! I refused to get off my bum.....STAT!) Then we trundled into a baby shop...some large amount of 'smackers $$$$, later we had a pair of lovely pink soft leather pumps. My dear, was I chuffed, well no actually, because two weeks later, they fell off -due to the strap over my foot stretching so much. No refund! No fix! No go back!!!! Then, the 'old girl' started searching on line.....shake my ear lobes girl!!! She found you! Yes, YOU, SKEANIE......SKEANIE, did you hear? My lovely shoes arrived so fast we hardly had time to put on socks....."My dear....they fitted like a glove, I didn't rip them off in the car, I got up and walked the mall - darling, shopping like this is sooooo cool. I am high fashion, high comfort and highly mobile! Give me a month and I'll be out there looking for my summer wardrobe of SKEANIES!" Thanks Guys, love you to bits.

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