She loves them

My toddler loved the red Mary-Jane so much I bought 2 pairs: size 23 & 24. She's almost out of the size 24, and they're the perfect colour for Christmas parties. Best of all, they don't cut into the joint where foot and big toe meet (I've no idea what this is called), which a lot of other branded Mary-Janes & ballet flats do. All her Skeanie's have worn extremely well. I highly recommend the Mary Janes, Trainers and Gum Boots.

We love skeanie shoes!

I have two little girls who have both worn these skeanie Mary Janes from an early age. We started as babies in the little boots and as they have grown have had many little Mary Janes in various colours. My girls love their bright colours and the fact they have a soft sole and are made to be very comfortable for their little feet. What I love about these little shoes is that my two little girls can wear them to death and they still look like I brought them yesterday! These have been and will continue to be my favorite shoes to buy for my little girls.

So many compliments

These shoes are adorable! They get noticed wherever we go. I love how the sole goes up a bit at the front, stops scuffing wonderfully. The sizing guide was spot on, and it's great how the shoes stretch at the back, meaning you can have shoes that fit well with or without socks and stockings. I will absolutely be buying more of these shoes in the future.

Classic and Chic: Ruby Red MaryJanes That Are Tota

These classic red MaryJanes add a pop of color to my daughter's ensembles. For the longest time, I have not been able to find any brand of shoe that boasts style, quality and comfort for my tot to amble around in. Until the glorious day I discovered Skeanie shoes online. She is constantly lavished with compliments on her fancy footwear. I will definitely be buying these teenie Skeanies in a larger size once she outgrows her current pair.

Best shoes ever!

Our daughter is now onto her third pair of these gorgeous shoes. We have had them in red and black. They are dressy but also practical enough to wear in park or to run in. Lovely and soft but also supportive. People often ask us where we got her shoes

These super cute SKEANIE Mary Jane shoes in Patent Red are hand made from soft genuine leather. These shoes feature luxurious leather uppers and lining with a flexible rubber sole.

SKEANIE leather shoes and boots are made from soft, comfortable leather and feature thin, flexible rubber and/or suede soles as this is recommend for growing feet. Our shoes should be worn for ‘special’ occasions. They do enjoy walking, running and playing; however, they do not like getting wet, being used as brakes on your bike or scooter, kicking a footy, climbing trees or walking through mud and dirt.


  • Ensure your child’s foot is relaxed before measuring.
  • Measure towards the end of the day to ensure foot is at it’s largest.
  • Place your child’s foot on a piece of paper Draw a line at the heel and at the big toe - measure the foot length in mm.
  • DO NOT add to your child’s foot length as wriggle room has been factored in.
  • Whilst we have tried our best to make our sizing guide as accurate as possible, the sizing of our shoes may vary slightly between designs

Size = Maximum Foot Length
Size 20 = 116mm
Size 21 = 123mm
Size 22 = 130mm
Size 23 = 137mm
Size 24 = 145mm
Size 25 = 152mm
Size 26 = 159mm

SKEANIE Shoes for Kids are podiatry-designed and approved in Australia and our Toddler and Pre-walker leather baby shoes have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Podiatrists and paediatricians recommend light-weight, flexible-soled shoes for your baby and toddler. 

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And when new mother Natasha Barber had her first child in 2005 and couldn’t find the right kind of soft, quality shoes for her precious baby’s feet, she decided to do something about it – create her own. Her own company, that is. Natasha began to research tirelessly about foot health and development and was initially surprised to discover very little information or education available. It sparked in her the need to delve even deeper. What began as an interest in podiatry, turned into a passion for manufacturing shoes. It resulted in Natasha launching her own company, SKEANIE Shoes for Kids.

A baby’s foot contains more cartilage than bone. Although the structure of the foot develops fully by the first two years, the bones themselves do not fully develop and harden until around the age of 13. The greatest changes in the foot occur in the first three years. Children’s feet endure three times more stress than the average adult foot. A child’s foot sweats twice as much as an adult’s foot!

We recommend that you spray your SKEANIE footwear with a Shucare Water and Stain Repellent prior to wear. The best way to keep your SKEANIE footwear looking bright and new is to simply wipe over with a clean damp cloth or leather wipe. Applying Shucare Leather Conditioner and Renovating Polish will assist with maintaining their softness and colour. SKEANIE footwear should never be placed in the washing machine or dryer.

Our Baby, Toddler and Children's shoes have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). All SKEANIE Shoes are designed in Australia and are Fair Trade Made. SKEANIE Shoes are Podiatry Designed and Approved. Colours may vary slightly.

Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.090m
Shipping Length 0.210m
Shipping Cubic 0.002835000m3
Unit Of Measure Ea