Junior Range (1 - 5 Years)

The Junior Range shoes are what we like to call our “Transition Shoe”; that is they will transition little feet from soft soled shoes. The Junior Range shoes feature leather uppers, super light-weight flexible soles and “FLEX-easeTM” technology. These fabulously soft, light-weight shoes will transition little feet to the next stage. Sizes EU20 to 30.

If you are looking to buy school shoes, we highly recommend that you purchase school shoes which are designed, developed and sold as "School Shoes". We do not recommend that you wear SKEANIE shoes as school shoes, as they are not designed for this purpose.

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Author: Chloe - Sorry About The Mess   Date Posted: 13 January 2019  

Arlo loves new shoes. Seriously, these boots saved me from the usual post-afternoon nap meltdown over my refusal to grant the insessent demands for chocolate. “No Arlo, there’s no chocolate. But I do have a special present for you… New shoes!” “There!” he beamed excitedly as he spotted the newly arrived boots sitting in their box on the table, all red and shiny. Then he spent all afternoon proudly wearing them in the garden. These boots are great. A wonderful bright red, made with good quality soft leather. They have tug labels at the front and back of the boots, which eases the task of getting them on wriggly feet. If you haven’t heard of Skeanie before, the brand was founded by a mum, a...

Author: Dr Samuel Ong (B. Pod. Med.)   Date Posted: 30 July 2018  

How can baby shoes or toddler shoes affect the development of a toddler’s feet? Footwear can play a big part in affecting the development of a toddler’s feet. When a baby is born, their feet are made up of mainly cartilage and fat. As they grow, the cartilage will start ossifying to become bones. Poor fit and shape of baby shoes can cause malalignment of joints, restrict normal growth of the feet, and limit natural movement of foot joints. What features should you look for in toddler shoes? Once your toddler starts walking, shoes are only required to protect their feet against sharp objects, dirt and slippery surfaces while outdoor...