SKEANIE Shoe Sizing Chart

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How to measure your child’s foot.

  • Ensure your child’s foot is relaxed before measuring.
  • Measure towards the end of the day to ensure foot is at it’s largest.
  • Place your child’s foot on a piece of paper
  • Draw a line at the heel and at the big toe - measure the foot length in mm.
  • DO NOT add to your child’s foot length as wriggle room has been factored in.
  • Whilst we have tried our best to make our sizing guide as accurate as possible, the sizing of our shoes may vary slightly between designs.
  • *Approximate Age - please note that this is an approximate only and we cannot guarantee that the size will fit the approximate age bracket. We recommend using the Maximum Foot Length measurement.


SKEANIE Shoes Sizing Guide
Size Recommended
Maximum Foot Length
Approximate* Age
X-Small 95mm 0 to 6 months
18 / Small 103mm 3 to 9 months
19 110mm 6 to 12 months
20 / Medium 116mm 9 to 15 months
21 123mm 12 months plus
22 / Large 130mm 12 months plus
23 137mm 2 year old
24 145mm 2 year old
25 152mm 3 year old
26 159mm 3 year old
27 165mm 4 year old
28 172mm 4 year old
29 178mm 5 year old
30 184mm 5 year old
31 190mm 6 year old
32 197mm 6 year old
33 203mm 7 year old
34 210mm 7 year old
35 218mm 8 year old