Date Posted: 10 January 2020  

Age of Your Child

The first factor to consider is the age of your child. Babies, for example, don't really need shoes until they start to walk. In fact, it makes it easier for your baby to learn to walk if he or she has bare feet. For babies, it is simply recommended that you just use socks to protect their little feet from the elements.
Once your baby becomes a toddler you will want to look for shoes that they can wear to protect their feet as they toddle about in the world. Their shoes will need to be breathable, with a firm yet flexible sole that will be easy for them to learn how to walk in.

Date Posted: 3 January 2020  

How can baby shoes or toddler shoes affect the development of a toddler's feet?
Footwear can play a big part in affecting the development of a toddler's feet. When a baby is born, their feet are made up of mainly cartilage and fat. As they grow, the cartilage will start ossifying to become bones. Poor fit and shape of baby shoes can cause malalignment of joints, restrict normal growth of the feet, and limit natural movement of foot joints.

What features should you look for in toddler shoes?
Once your toddler starts walking, shoes are only required to protect their feet against sharp objects, dirt and slippery surfaces while outdoor...