Author: SKEANIE Shoes for Kids   Date Posted: 16 May 2019  

SKEANIE leather shoes and boots are made from soft, comfortable leather and feature thin, flexible rubber and/or suede soles as this is recommend for grwoing feet. Our shoes should be worn for ‘special’ occasions.

They do enjoy walking, running and playing; however they do not like getting wet, being used as brakes on your bike or scooter, kicking a footy, climbing trees or walking through mud and dirt.

We recommend that you spray your SKEANIE footwear with a Shucare Water and Stain Repellent prior to wear. The best way to keep your SKEANIE footwear looking bright and new is to simpl...

Author: Australian Podiatry Association   Date Posted: 8 April 2019  

Paediatric foot problems can appear very early.  They require attention, because the bones in a child’s foot are soft and pliable and easily damaged by constricting shoes, socks and even bedding. Shoes that fit are especially important for a young child’s rapidly growing feet.

Parents have to be on the alert for early developmental problems, since children do not usually complain about them.  Check with your Podiatrist at the first sign of excessive toeing in or out, flat feet, walking or standing strangely, stumbling, or tiring easily.  Help your children get off to a good start!


On our "walk through life," our feet undergo...

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Great Foot Quotes

"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art." Leonardo da Vinci

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. Buddha

Better slip with foot than tongue. Benjamin Franklin


Author: Franki Hobson   Date Posted: 4 April 2019  

Well, not hard shoes, anyway. Here’s 10 baby feet facts (one for each toe!) you need to know about your wee one’s footsies before you fuel a mini shoe addiction…

  1. At six months of age, a baby’s foot is still mostly cartilage. In fact, some of the bones only start forming between 9-18 months. By 18 years of age, most of the bones are formed.
  2. Baby feet only need protection in cooler weather. Grow suits with feet, socks or small, soft natural fibre shoes should be used to keep twinkle toes warm and should always be loose around your baby’s feet.
  3. Making time for your baby to kick freely will help with the development of leg and feet muscles.
  4. C...

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1. Keep them Cosy- Snuggle up!
The startle reflex, a primitive survival reflex that produces spontaneous, jerky movements, even in sleep can be disturbing. uh-oh! baby sleeping bags celebrate THE TOG TEST- designs which prevent baby from experiencing sudden, jerky movements in the perfect temperature. Baby Sleeping bags are perfect for the summer month, as they keep baby secure and totally 'cool' during the summer months and warm during the winter months, and what’s more, all bags and sleepwear comply & exceed the ‘Australian and New Zealand safety standard for Children’s nightwear (the strictest standard in the world).

2. Regulate the Tempera...

Author: Abby Stevens   Date Posted: 24 March 2019  

Sunny Coast Kids were asked to review a pair of SKEANIE Children’s sandals – we chose the ‘coast leather sandals’ in fuchsia colour.

Firstly, I was surprised by the softness and quality of the leather…. The leather was really, really, really soft!! They looked super comfy on and Miss 4 didn’t try and adjust them or fuss with them. This is definitely a first, because if there is any opportunity to take her shoes off, she will appear barefoot in the blink of an eye (as opposed to the 10 minutes it had taken to get them on!!) I get very frustrated with shoes, more often than not I end up carrying them! I was surprised when she kept these sandals on. I think the softness and flexibi...

Author: Tracy Byrne   Date Posted: 17 March 2019  

Around 70 per cent of adult foot problems come from wearing the wrong type or size of footwear during childhood.

In my years of practising as a Podiatrist, I‘ve seen so many chronic foot-related problems that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, children today are headed for the same problems, as recent studies undertaken across Europe reveal that 70 per cent of children are wearing shoes too small. As a mother of two young daughters and a Podo-Paediatric Specialist (Infant Foot Specialist), I am passionate about improving our childrens’ foot health by sharing my knowledge with the local community.

There are two important issues currently affecting the f...

Date Posted: 15 March 2019  

The summer rains have kicked in and are set to continue well into autumn. Days are filled with ominous grey clouds, which are finally broken by sun showers and pelting rain, resulting in big puddles and vibrant rainbows. As the gloomy skies descend, it is important you and your little one are wrapped up and prepared for the rainy weather.
Raingear for your child should be durable and long lasting. It needs to sustain jumps in puddles, rolls in the mud, trips and falls and other things that only children seem to do. It is important to buy something of a high quality, without breaking the bank, to ensure your little one can play safely and y...

Author: Bubbablue's Blog   Date Posted: 1 March 2019  

So Nathaniel’s now been walking for almost 3 months and he loves it.  Crawling now only happens if he’s going through his play tunnel, and he’s even moved on to ‘dancing’ (little stomps left & right, occasional twirling, and sometimes stepping backwards).  All very cute.  He’s not mastered running yet, but that’s not far as he can be pretty quick when he wants to.

He’s now in walkers, but also has his first pair of wellies – funky blue with little yellow motorbikes on from a Joules end of season warehouse sale.

It’s unfortunate the timing of him needing to move from his cruisers to walkers as I’d just bought some Clarks walkers (thankfully in the sal...

Date Posted: 28 February 2019  

Once your kid starts walking, they would prefer not to be carried wherever you go. Be it the shopping centre, the park or a more formal setting, your little one will look for the opportunity to practice walking. Luckily, SKEANIE shoes have variants and sizes for every occasion and activity. Every model is fitted with flexible soles to adapt to any stresses and changes caused by pressure from prolonged standing or running.

If you want optimal development for your kid’s feet, take note of the factors that affect their health. Flexible soles react and conform to the movement of children’s feet. You may not be aware of it, but the soles of kid’s feet are actually made of fat, t...

Author: I'm Counting UFOs   Date Posted: 16 February 2019  

Looking after my children’s feet has always been important to me.  Their little feet are so soft andpliable when they are young, with the last bones not forming until approximately three years of age, so it’s vital you look after the things that are going to carry you around for your whole life.

So when we were approached by SKEANIE to ask if we’d like to try out a pair of their eco-leather, soft soled shoes, we jumped at the chance.

The soles on the SKEANIE shoes are incredibly thin, which helps develop balance, flexibility and foot strength, they are nice and wide at the front, so no little toes get squished.  This allows for plenty of wiggle room, again, i...

Author: White Lily Green   Date Posted: 12 February 2019  

Little One was lucky enough to be sent a beautiful pair of Skeanie shoes to review. As I've not been very well, we have had a few weeks to give them a proper test, and I have to say, I'm incredibly impressed. SKEANIE was founded by mum of two Natasha Barber. She commenced her soft soled shoe research shortly after her Cheeky Monkey, Hamish was born. Finding high quality soft leather shoes was a challenge.

After 2 years of research and design and the birth of her Little Princess, Bella, she launched SKEANIE shoes for kids. All SKEANIE shoes and boots are hand-crafted from high quality super soft eco-leather, designed to nurture and protect little feet. All products are Fair Trade...

Author: Lilinha Espindula   Date Posted: 8 February 2019  

As you are aware, little man had feet surgery a few weeks ago for his overlapping toes and he was unable to wear shoes during recovery. When I read about SKEANIE, I was very keen on trying and it seemed a perfect pair of shoes after little man’s surgery. SKEANIE genuine leather shoes with flexible soles are preferred by podiatrists.

SKEANIE shoes and boots are designed to nurture and protect little feet, handcrafted from high quality eco-leather. As well as providing room for natural growth, SKEANIE’s soft soled shoes allow sensory feedback from the ground, which is especially important for little ones learning to walk and getting to know their surroundings. Research shows that ...

Author: Spectrum Foot Clinics   Date Posted: 5 February 2019  

Age of Your Child
The first factor to consider is the age of your child. Babies, for example, don’t really need shoes until they start to walk. In fact, it makes it easier for your baby to learn to walk if he or she has bare feet. For babies, it is simply recommended that you just use socks to protect their little feet from the elements.
Once your baby becomes a toddler you will want to look for shoes that they can wear to protect their feet as they toddle about in the world. Their shoes will need to be breathable, with a firm yet flexible sole that will be easy for them to learn how to walk in.

Author: Nursery Trader UK   Date Posted: 17 January 2019  

From the time your little ones start cruising around the furniture, shoes are something that are purchased on a regular basis, finding a pair that are comfortable and stylish whilst looking after their feet can sometimes prove difficult. Take a look at what SKEANIE shoes can offer your child's tootsies. "extremely soft, easy for little ones to put on themselves, flexible soles can be expensive if your child's feet grow quickly"
Our score = 4.5 stars

Nursery Product Review
SKEANIE is a company that started out down under in Australia, founded by mum of two, Natasha Barber. Endorsed by podiatrists and experts around the world, their shoe designs...

Author: Behind the News   Date Posted: 15 January 2019  

Often people try to change the way they look. It might be a new hair-style or trying to grow big muscles at the gym. But there's one part of your body that can also change shape depending on fashion. It's your feet. Experts are worried that kids cramming their toes into the wrong kind of footwear could lead to some big problems for their feet.

NATASHA THIELE, REPORTER: Choosing which shoe is right for you should take a bit more time and thought than this. But while we spend hours in shoe shops stressing over which shoes look the best, we spend far less time thinking about which ones are best for our feet.

Anna is a podiatrist, a ...

Author: Chloe - Sorry About The Mess   Date Posted: 13 January 2019  

Arlo loves new shoes. Seriously, these boots saved me from the usual post-afternoon nap meltdown over my refusal to grant the insessent demands for chocolate. “No Arlo, there’s no chocolate. But I do have a special present for you… New shoes!” “There!” he beamed excitedly as he spotted the newly arrived boots sitting in their box on the table, all red and shiny. Then he spent all afternoon proudly wearing them in the garden. These boots are great. A wonderful bright red, made with good quality soft leather. They have tug labels at the front and back of the boots, which eases the task of getting them on wriggly feet. If you haven’t heard of Skeanie before, the brand was founded by a mum, a...

Author: The Australian Podiatry Association   Date Posted: 10 January 2019  

Development of Children's Feet

Children's feet differ from those of adults, as they are not yet fully formed. At 6 months of age the foot is still mostly cartilage, in fact the last bone doesn't begin until children are about 3 years old. By the time we turn 18 the bones have fully matured.


Babies feet only need protection in the cooler weather. Play suits with feet, socks or even natural fibre shoes can be used to keep little feet warm, they should always be loose around your babies feet. Allowing time for your baby to kick freely will help ensur...

Date Posted: 6 January 2019  

Tips & Advice for Choosing the Right Shoes for Children Here are some tips that will help you be certain that your children's shoes fit properly, and remove some of the nightmare elements of shopping for kids' shoes.

Here are some tips that will help you be certain that your children's shoes fit properly, and remove some of the nightmare elements of shopping for kids' shoes.

When to Buy New Shoes for Your Child

Unless your child complains that they are uncomfortable, you may not know when it's time for a new pair of shoes. It's a good idea to periodically check your children's shoes to make sure what they're wearing is still working f...

Author: Tracey Byrne   Date Posted: 21 December 2018  

As I like to say, barefoot is always best. Walking barefoot has many health benefits, including improved balance and foot strength, and I avoid wearing shoes whenever possible. However, if going barefoot is not an option, barefoot shoes are the best way to keep your feet happy and healthy. These types of shoes allow your feet to move naturally whilst offering adequate protection from harmful objects.

Here are some tips for finding foot-healthy shoes.

Look for:

  • thin, flexible soles – to allow natural movement and maximum sensory feedback, whilst also providing protection
  • breathable and lightweight material – to keep you skin healthy and dry,...